Allfarthing Farmers' Market

Allfarthing Farmers' Market


 Allfarthing School Farmers Market St. Ann's Crescent SW18 2 LR 

Every Saturday 9.30am-1.30pm

A real Farmers market in your back yard. Fresh veg, Fresh butchers meat straight from the farm, pies, Fresh fish, cakes, baked artisan bread, fruit, juices and more. 

What's to see?


 Lots of farm fresh & local product at the Allfarthing farmers market from a variety of stall holders. 

Support your local farmers' market and come and get some delicious fresh produce.



 Something for everyone,bread,  fresh veg, butchers meat, pies, eggs, coffee.

Or come along and pick up some ready to eat picnic food for your lunch time walk in the park.

We have plenty of choice and something for all of the family.



 Sweet baked goods including cakes, sweet breads, pastries, juices and fruit  

Share the big news


 Visit your local Farmers Market with the family or visit with a friend. 

Shopping at the market helps the school. Funds from the market are shared with the school.

Where, When and How?


 Allfarthing School Farmers Market St.Ann's Crescent SW18 2LR Saturday  9.30-1.30. Just turn up!